ImageConsidering the fact that I will be crowdfunding my next short film, I wanted to give those unfamiliar with it, a definition.

What is Crowdfunding?

It is the pooling of funds from people who are passionate about a film to help bring it to life. Essentially, it’s shared enthusiasm. I will set a budget for the film and with the help of contributors, try to reach that goal. There will be different levels for contributors; anything from a dollar to $5, $10, $25 and up. Each level will offer the contributor different perks like a thank you on the film’s Facebook  page, a digital copy of the film, a DVD of the film, signed movie poster and more.

Where once you would buy a ticket to see the finished film, now you are given an opportunity to be part of the process of making that film. It’s an exciting prospect and one that will be happening soon. Please stay tuned.


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