The Inevitable, Freakishly-Large, Bumps In The Road

You’ve decided on a destination. You’ve carefully mapped out the route. You’ve built in extra time in case of any side-trips you want, or are forced, to take. You’ve studied the forest and have seen the trees. Or have you?

I love research. No, I mean I love research. I’ll research anything. Am I a history buff? No. I not only love finding the information I’m seeking, but I also love the journey I take to find it. Suffice it to say, I’ve put a lot of effort into mapping out my journey of getting my film to the big screen. There are always going to be uncontrollable variables along the way for which no amount of research will prepare you.

The biggest and most interesting of those variables are people. I say interesting because I’ve met some of the most interesting, talented, creative people and my quest has just begun. When I give my commitment to a project whether paid or unpaid and others will commit to that project unless something better comes along is not wrong; it’s just a different way of doing things. That is the variable that you just can’t work into any journey.

When it comes to filming anything, timing is everything. Not only do you try to work out each shot’s timing but you have to set shooting times and dates. People have lives outside of their careers, so coordinating these moments are extremely difficult. I’ve found myself switching dates and times on a few occasions already and I know it will happen again.

What I must strive to do is stay professional through the whole journey. That is going to be difficult given that I’m a passionate guy who is trying something that is largely an impossibility. Plus, when two or more passionate people bring their varying opinions and ethics to a project, fireworks are likely to happen. I am not about to allow those fireworks to burn bridges. I love bridges. They help support you on your journey. They help you continue on that journey and see you through to the end. Why the hell would I or anyone want to burn a bridge?


I know that what brings people to my quest, is that over the inevitable, freakishly-large bumps in the road is something incredibly special. Every minor step is a major success. I will never be able to properly thank anyone who has set out on this journey with me. Though, I will try my best by being passionate, professional, resourceful, collaborative and most of all, humble.

Stay tuned.